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Knowledge Thrives


The Curry Rockefeller Group delivers a thought-leader-focused approach to healthcare communications.

We specialize in strategic medical education, global publication planning, and digital scientific media solutions. By working with influential scientific leaders, we can help clients shape messaging that supports their medical-communications goals.

imagePart of what differentiates us is the depth of our scientific expertise and the strength of our relationships. We build, nurture, and maintain relationships with existing and emerging leaders in science, research, and medicine.

With us, it's personal. This commitment enables us to bring a broad range of thought-leader-focused solutions to all sectors of the healthcare industry. Every client, every interaction, every digital media request is different, so we partner with clients accordingly—whether it's prelaunch, at launch, or postlaunch.

When it comes to developing medical-communications programs, digital scientific media solutions, and publication plans that thrive, The Curry Rockefeller Group understands the power of knowledge.

A single "knowledge vector" can have impact beyond all expectations when conditions and communications are properly designed and managed. That's what we do. That's all we do.
The Curry Rockefeller Group has provided valuable solutions to over 80 clients in our 10 thriving years.

Call Mike Curry or Chuck Rockefeller at 914.631.0019 to learn more about how we can harness the power of your knowledge vectors.

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