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The Curry Rockefeller Group delivers the best thought-leader-focused medical-education® in the industry.

At CRG, our mission is to deliver the finest thought-leader-focused medical education® services in the industry. We employ traditional and nontraditional medical-communications strategies to drive brand success.

The Curry Rockefeller Group's approach to thought-leader-focused medical communications integrates a variety of strategic initiatives into a comprehensive medical-communications strategy.

For instance, we can conduct scientific advisory boards, set up national speaker training, create MOA videos, coordinate launch planning, devise interactive reprints, provide analytical insights into competitive activities, establish clinical rationale, leverage existing thought-leader support, explore relationships with new thought leaders, conduct roundtable or dinner meetings, create e-Forums... and the list goes on.

The following information summarizes our capabilities in each broad area of expertise:

Medical Education

The Curry Rockefeller Group leverages the insights of the thought-leader community to craft dynamic, integrated medical-communications plans that combine exceptional clinical understanding with strategic savvy. By building relationships with thought leaders, scientists, academicians, physicians, and clients, we strategically design and manage communications all over the world. When you choose The Curry Rockefeller Group, you get personalized service, customized information, and a powerful partner who respects and responds to your unique medical-communications goals.

Publication Planning

The Curry Rockefeller Group's team of medical-communications specialists helps you support a comprehensive and integrated plan that provides a robust dissemination of important clinical information through an integrated cascade of abstracts, posters, journal articles, and unique digital initiatives. Our editors and scientists collaborate with you to develop and execute dynamic publication services while adhering to best publication practices.

Digital Solutions

The Curry Rockefeller Group's award-winning digital scientific solutions provide an array of powerful communications technologies for the healthcare industry. We can seamlessly integrate with your current marketing efforts in numerous therapeutic areas and/or work to complement projects with your existing vendors. These include interactive exhibit kiosks, interactive laptop presentations, podcasts, 3D MOA videos, gaming, sales rep training, and content iPad applications.


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