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The Curry Rockefeller Group offers solutions in publication planning

The Curry Rockefeller Group delivers a robust dissemination of important clinical information through an integrated cascade of abstracts, posters, and journal articles. Our editors and scientists develop and execute dynamic publication services while adhering to strict best practices in publication management.

The scientific integrity of our publication planning enables The Curry Rockefeller Group to deliver exceptionally strong content in therapeutic areas. Our foundation comprises 2 factors: world-renowned key opinion leaders in all disciplines and our relationships with them. It is our strong thought-leader-focused approach that not only distinguishes us but also elevates the quality of our content and data.

CRG's process starts with the development of an 18-month publication plan—more or less time as needed, depending on the life stage of the product. We work closely with clients. Our editorial services, scientific affairs, and management teams concentrate on the process, the product, and the scientific communication points.

After SWOT and gap analyses, we review the clinical information and develop a comprehensive publication plan including abstracts, posters, primary and secondary research manuscripts, and review manuscripts in addition to a robust database of congresses and journals for the dissemination of this information. This strategic process leads to an integrated cascade of information designed to build recognition and integrity in the global scientific community.

Why is publication planning so important?

In order to ensure that data are clearly understood by the clinical community, transparent, timely, and scientifically rigorous publications must be planned and executed. Moreover, a strategic cascade of core scientific communication points to a matrix of audiences is essential to the appropriate management of patients and use of therapies.

CRG nurtures and maintains relationships with our clients’ key opinion leaders toward the development and implementation of strategic publication plans that will accurately communicate crucial information and will build a communications platform that will support and sustain future development initiatives.

CRG’s dedicated team of editors, writers, and researchers maintains strict adherence to all relevant industry publication policies and guidelines including those set forth by GPP2 and ICMJE. Our editorial staff is also fully trained on DatavisionTM, PubSTRAT, and other database management systems.

We assist key opinion leaders in developing and disseminating data through abstracts, posters, platform presentations, primary and secondary research manuscripts, and review manuscripts. We also recognize that the traditional approach to publication planning is changing and, as such, provide our clients with a broad range of innovative solutions for digital dissemination of scientific communications.

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